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Weston Daily Voice Shouts Out Stand Up!

The Weston Daily Voice wrote about Stand Up!


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Alexander Boston, of Weston, experienced bullying first-hand when one of his classmates said to him, “I’ll pound your head to the ground.”

“I’m not sure why… it was because I was bothering him in some way. You’re supposed to say, ‘can you please leave us alone,'” said Alexander, a second grader at Rogers International School in Stamford. “I didn’t know I was annoying him.”

Alexander didn’t like when he saw his two friends left out from a talent show that a girl in his class said they couldn’t be a part of.

“Even if you don’t like somebody you should at least include them,” said Alexander.

Alexander wrote a five page script, got his friends together and filmed a movie all day Sunday in hopes to show people that bullying “is not right and everyone deserves respect.”

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Another Stand Up! Mention

From the Weston-Redding-Easton Patch

Eight-year-old Weston resident and Rogers International School student Alexander Boston had enough of bullying, so he decided to do something about it.

For Alexander, “doing something” meant writing a script and making a short film, “Stand Up,” with the help of his parents, filmmaker Johnny Boston and producer Christine Fulton. The five-or-six minute movie was filmed at and the surrounding grounds.

Weston High School senior Ricky Rivera is co-producing the film.

“This all came out of Alexander’s head,” Fulton told Patch. “We want to use it as a teaching tool.”

Alexander, who is just finishing second grade, said he thought that “it would be nice to make a movie about bullying,” because he wants “people to know that bullying isn’t right.”

“When people are bossy, or tell you that you can’t do something, that’s bullying,” Alexander said. “It’s a story and a [documentary] at the same time.”

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Stand Up! in the Stamford Daily Voice

The Stand Up! Premiere got a mention in the Stamford Daily Voice!

WESTON, Conn. – Weston 9-year-old Alexander Boston debuted his anti-bullying short film “Stand Up!” last week in his hometown.

“Alexander was very driven,” said Johnny Boston, president and CCO of Raw Digital, a New York and locally based production company that worked on the film. “He was continually working on the script and had a clear vision of how he wanted to stage the action.  Alexander brought the community together for a very worthy project.”

After being bullied, Alexander turned his experience into a film to help others learn to cope. He wrote, directed and starred in the five-minute film, which was shot at Weston schools in 2011. Other students from Weston and Alexander’s classmates at Stamford’s Rogers International School also joined him on screen….

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Stand Up! Against Bullying Through the Arts

Stand Up! Premiere
May 19th, 5-7pm @ Cobb’s Mill Inn
Featuring The Story Pirates and
guest speaker Joe Pantoliano and more.

APRIL 3, Weston, CT — When nine-year-old Alexander Boston was bullied, he
wanted his experience to help other kids have the courage to stand up to bullies
and to teach potential bullies to make better choices.  Alexander wrote, directed
and starred in a 4-minute short film titled STAND UP! which has been adopted
by his hometown of Weston’s school district for their 2nd grade classroom
counseling curriculum.  Each year the 2nd graders at Hurlbutt Elementary School
will screen STAND UP! then have a guided discussion about bullying.

Raw Digital, a New York City and Weston, CT based production company
produced STAND UP! which was filmed primarily at Weston High School in June,
2012. All the young actors in the film attend school in Weston or Stamford’s
Rogers International School.

Alexander Boston, a former Hurlbutt Elementary School student said, “I feel
honored my film will educate other kids about bullying.”

Producer Christine Fulton, who is also Alexander’s mother, continued, “Teaching
through the arts has proven to be very effective, especially for this age group.
The kids involved with the production of STAND UP! not only contributed to
what we hope will be an effective anti-bullying resource, but also greatly enjoyed
learning a bit about the movie-making process.  This community production
effort empowered kids with some creative ownership of an issue that is very
real to them. We wanted to continue offering kids this valuable experience, but
duplicating the video-making process wasn’t the answer. We approached The
Story Pirates, a bi-coastal children’s theatre company whose process starts with
ideas generated by kids and ends in an integrated stage production, to create
an anti-bullying program and we set up a fund to bring their program to the film’s
associated schools next year, with hopes they can return every year.”

The Story Pirates will perform at the STAND UP! premiere, hosted by Weston’s
historical Cobb’s Mill Inn. Speakers at the premiere will include actor and anti-
bullying activist, Joe Pantoliano, Weston’s Youth Services Director, AND Dr. Michelle

Also at the Cobb’s Mill Inn STAND UP! premiere, local Weston artist Abigail
will oversee an anti-bulling mural creation by the kids in attendance.
The completed anti-bullying mural will be exhibited in area schools and libraries.
Special musical guest at the Cobb’s Mill Inn STAND UP! premiere will be
Weston Middle School’s rock band, featuring Billy Stark, lead guitar/vocals,
Kiran Edwards, drums/vocals, Andrew Harwood, bass/rhythm guitar and Max
Schlossber. bass guitar. All members of the band currently attend Weston
Middle School and play area shows.

Raw Digital’s CCO and STAND UP! producer, Johnny Boston, said, “Bullying is
something we can conquer by continuing to empower and educate our kids.”

To learn more about or contribute to The Story Pirates Anti-Bullying project,
please contact Raw Digital
78 Lyons Plain Road
Weston, CT 06883


What is bullying and how to stop it.

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Coming soon the debut film “Stand Up” by Alexander Boston more information soon to follow!!!!